Breaking In: How to Land the Investment Banking Offer

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Breaking In: How to Land the Investment Banking Offer

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In this course, I will show you how I landed an Investment Banking position as a Non-Target, Non-Diversity student. These are unique and actionable keys to success that I have learned through countless hours of research and real interview and networking experience with over 100 bankers.

Some of the topics we will go over are...

  • The Basics
  • Freshman / Sophomore Year Strategy
  • Perfecting Your Resume
  • Networking / Coffee Chat Mastery Guide
  • How to Secure Interviews
  • Overall Interviewing Strategy ( + Real Technical & Behavioral Questions )
  • Exit Opportunities and Deciding Between Offers
  • Best IB Information Sources and Tools

  • You will be receiving over ___ pages to guide you on the path to dominating your Investment Banking recruitment season. Your purchase will also include my IB Resume Template, and my Networking Mastery Excel Sheet Template.

    Feel free to contact me on twitter @BowTiedAce or email me at BowTiedAce@protonmail.com with any questions

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